Major Industry Profit Share

The People Profit project will ensure that Britain`s major industry supports local economies through people profit share, generating secure nationwide employment and greater individual wealth. No one is excluded from the benefits of supporting Britain.

For The People

  • Free for Britain`s residents.
  • Major industry profit share.
  • Use PreBit at local business members.
  • Save as high liquidity investment.
  • Exchange PreBit for cash.

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Generating People wealth

Free sign up within 1 minute. We do the rest.


Generating income

Free tokens through the "People Profit" scheme.


community support

Incentivising local support for small business, tradesman and sole trader members.


Backing Britain

Securing British industry and innovation for the benefit of every resident.

Free for Britain`s residents

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Your Britain - your profit

People profit businesses guarantee 75% of all profits back to the people and local economies.

100% free membership and utility tokens for UK residents to spend at local business for local people members.

Free Resident Sign Up

Use a friend or family members User ID and earn them extra prebit bonus